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3 Lobes Blower Vacuum Pump For Food Package
  • 3 Lobes Blower Vacuum Pump For Food Package3 Lobes Blower Vacuum Pump For Food Package

3 Lobes Blower Vacuum Pump For Food Package

Yinchi Packing Food Roots Vacuum Pump that can be customized is specifically designed for the food packaging industry to ensure the freshness and taste of food. It utilizes the technology of Roots blower to efficiently perform vacuum packaging, thereby extending the shelf life of food products. 3 Lobes Blower Vacuum Pump For Food Package

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Product Description

This Packing Food Roots Vacuum Pump offers multiple advantages. It provides high flow rate and high pressure gas output, ensuring smooth and unobstructed packaging of food. It operates with low noise and vibration levels, causing minimal impact on the environment. Its simple structure makes it easy to operate and maintain.

It is widely used in various food packaging applications such as meat, fruits, vegetables, etc., helping customers improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and minimize maintenance costs.

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3 Lobes Blower Vacuum Pump For Food Package

Customized support OEM, ODM
Place of Origin Shanghai, China
Warranty 2 years
Horsepower 0.5HP~6HP
Power 0.37KW~4KW

Packing Food Roots Vacuum Pump's feature

Roots vacuum pump for food packaging, specially designed for food vacuum packaging, pursuing excellent quality. Its precise manufacturing process ensures efficient vacuum extraction and meets the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry. Powerful negative pressure capability, quickly removes air inside the packaging, prolongs food freshness, and prevents oxygen oxidation. Stable and reliable operation, low noise design, has become an ideal choice for the food processing industry. Whether it is vegetable, fruit, or meat packaging, it can ensure food quality and freshness.

Company introduction

Yinchi is an professional three lobe Roots Blower manufacturer and supplier in China. With an experienced R&D team in this field, we can provide domestic and foreign customers with the most cost-effective products. As a factory in China, Yinchi has flexible capacity to customize the three lobe roots bower with different appearance and dimension according to customer requirements.The three roots blower has many advantages. Firstly, it can provide high pressure and high flow rate of gas output, ensuring that the material will not get stuck or stagnant during conveying. Secondly, it has low noise and low vibration characteristics, which will not disturb the surrounding environment. In addition, it has a simple structure, easy operation, and easy maintenance.

Our high pressure three lobe roots air blower is widely used in chemical industry, food processing, building materials and other industries. It can help customers improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

We are located in the China three lobe roots air blower manufacture base in China, have the advantage of factory direct supply, are able to offer you cheap price product. If you need to purchase or learn more information, please feel free to contact us.

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