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Pneumatic conveying system

The working principle of pneumatic conveying system mainly involves the interaction between airflow and materials.

Specifically, the pneumatic conveying system transports materials from the starting point to the endpoint through high-pressure air or compressed air, which can be horizontal, vertical, or inclined. During the transportation process, the material is driven by the airflow and suspended in the pipeline, or forms a group to move along the pipeline. Pneumatic conveying systems can be divided into positive pressure conveying and negative pressure conveying, as well as dilute phase conveying and dense phase conveying. Positive pressure conveying uses high-pressure air to push the material, while negative pressure conveying uses vacuum suction to suck the material into the collection point. Dilute phase conveying is usually used for situations where the conveying distance is short and the material content is low, while dense phase conveying is suitable for long-distance and high concentration material conveying.

In addition, pneumatic conveying systems can also perform physical operations such as heating, cooling, drying, and airflow classification of materials simultaneously during the conveying process, or perform certain chemical operations.

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