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Dense Type Positive Roots Blower
  • Dense Type Positive Roots BlowerDense Type Positive Roots Blower
  • Dense Type Positive Roots BlowerDense Type Positive Roots Blower
  • Dense Type Positive Roots BlowerDense Type Positive Roots Blower

Dense Type Positive Roots Blower

Yinchi is China's Dense Type Positive Roots Blower manufacturer and supplier. With an experienced R&D team in this field, we can provide domestic and foreign customers with the most cost-effective products. As a factory in China, Yinchi has flexible capacity to customize the Roots Blower with different appearance and dimension according to customer requirements.

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Product Description

Yinchi’s application areas of Dense Type Positive Roots Blower:

Wastewater treatment: Roots blowers are mainly used in the field of wastewater treatment for aeration and backwashing, providing dissolved oxygen to microorganisms in water, promoting microbial metabolism, and effectively treating wastewater.

Pneumatic conveying: Dense Type Positive Roots Blower can be used in the conveying process of various powdered and granular materials, such as grains, cement, fly ash, plastics, etc.

Aquaculture: Roots blower is also one of the important equipment in increasing oxygen in fish ponds, improving aquaculture density and yield.

Industries such as electricity, cement, chemical, gas, etc.: Roots blowers are used in these industries to support combustion and pressurization, desulfurization and oxidation, mud mixing, waste fermentation, drying blades, vacuum suction, electroplating and gas explosion, etc.

In addition, the dense positive pressure Roots blower can also be used in gas burners, as a gas source for high concentration ozone generators, and for drying production lines.

Parameter of Roots Blower

Blade number 3 lobes
Weight: 100kg---950kg
Size 1CBM---4CBM
Scope of application: Sewage treatment/ Cement plant/Aquaculture and etc.
Air Capacity 2m3/min---235m3/min


Good product, crafted with care, we will help you solve your problems
Impeller precision machining
Made of high-quality steel and designed with a three blade impeller, it undergoes rough processing and further fine processing
End cap precision machining
After CNC machining, the end cover is tightly connected with other accessories
Shell precision machining
The casing casting is made of high-quality steel, and the casing and wall panel form a sealing system
Spindle precision machining

The bearings adopt human centered bearings, and all accessories used in the blower are fully inspected, with data testing conducted separately. Qualified components are used for precision assembly of each component

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