High Voltage 6KV Induction Motor
  • High Voltage 6KV Induction MotorHigh Voltage 6KV Induction Motor

High Voltage 6KV Induction Motor

These Yinchi's durable High Voltage 6KV Induction Motors are often employed in heavy-duty industrial settings where high power and reliability are essential. The Motors's high voltage allows for efficient power transmission over long distances, making these motors suitable for applications where the motor is at a distance from the power source.

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Yinchi’s high Voltage 6KV Induction Motor Soft Start Method.

With the rapid development of microcomputer control technology, a number of electronic soft start controllers have been successfully developed in related control engineering fields, which are widely used in the starting process of electric motors, and step-down starters have been replaced. The current electronic soft start facilities all use voltage regulating circuits of thyristors, which are described as follows: six thyristors are connected in reverse parallel and connected in series to a three-phase power supply. After the system sends a start signal, the microcomputer controlled starter system immediately performs data calculation to transmit a trigger signal to the thyristors, so that the conduction angle of the thyristors is controlled. According to the given output, the output voltage is adjusted, Implement control of the electric motor. This starting method is suitable for starting control of three-phase AC asynchronous motors with various power values, including six and three connection methods.

Power Voltage 6KV~10KV
Ambient Temp -15℃~+40℃
Degree of efficiency IE2/IE3/IE4
Number of poles 2/4/6/8/10
Place of shipment Shandong Province

This starting method is the most basic and simple among motor starting methods. Firstly, a knife switch is used to connect the motor to the power grid. At this time, the motor starts and runs at the rated voltage. The characteristics of this method are: low investment, simple equipment, and small quantity. Although the starting time is short, the torque during starting is small, the current is large, and it is more suitable for starting small capacity motors.

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