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We're here for the Shanghai Environmental Expo


In the face of the enthusiasm of everyone in the environmental protection industry, we can only do a better job of pneumatic conveying services and better ensure the quality of pneumatic conveying equipment to repay you all the way to meet.

In fact, our pneumatic conveying engineers at the scene did not disappoint everyone, and gave a satisfactory answer to the partners who came here! The engineers answered all the knowledge about pneumatic conveying, from the principle of pneumatic conveying, the use of pneumatic conveying system, to the characteristics of pneumatic conveying, and provided on-site solutions for customers to solve various powder and granular material conveying problems.

We adhere to multiple innovations, adhere to the development criteria of "leading the future, sustainable development", and bring together an environmental research and development team with strong innovation ability. So far, we have used technology to improve the network construction, integrated the existing independent pneumatic conveying system resources, has successfully created including pneumatic conveying, powder conveying, desulfurization and denitrification, workshop dust removal and other operation service plan design and equipment production research and development, including environmental protection conveying core system, and won a competitive advantage in the domestic market.

As a senior enterprise in the pneumatic conveying industry, the company brings together excellent technical research and development experts, equipment production and design experts, excellent production staff and high-quality after-sales service team in the field of pneumatic conveying. With high-quality products and services, the market share of the main business has always been in the forefront of the industry. Frequently in the domestic market to win orders, with the environmental protection in products, technology, services and other aspects of the comprehensive competitive advantage.

Combined with national policies, and constantly expand the field of pneumatic conveying business, will also become an important strategy of environmental protection. Combined with the current work needs of starting the blue sky defense war and breaking through the environmental protection and energy saving of the enterprise material conveying process, we will further expand the development space of environmental protection business and realize the "triple win" of the country, enterprises and the public!

Thank you again for your attention, Shandong Yinchi Environmental Protection has mature technical support in the pneumatic conveying industry, and Roots blower, as our best-selling product, has also been promoted to various parts of the world. Roots blower is widely used in the pneumatic conveying industry, such as cement conveying, fly ash conveying, flour conveying, calcium carbonate conveying, and other fields. Our company's technical engineers will design conveying plans and provide a complete set of conveying equipment based on the customer's on-site situation. Shandong Yinchi Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. looks forward to cooperating with you

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