Roots air blower
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Roots air blower

The working principle of Roots air blower is based on the synchronous rotation of two meshing three lobe rotors, which are connected by a pair of synchronous gears to maintain a fixed relative position. The three lobe Roots blower has been widely used in various fields such as sewage treatment, incinerators, oxygen supply for aquatic products, gas assisted combustion, workpiece demolding, and powder particle conveying. Yinchi Brand roots blower is based on year's on research and technical acculmation. It works stable, easy to instal and maintence, price is cheap. Has gained various positive feedbacks from our customers.

Model:YCSR series

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Product Description

The roots air blower is a volumetric fan, with impeller end face and front and rear end covers of the blower. The principle is to use two blade shaped rotors to move relative in the cylinder to compress and transport gas in a rotary compressor. This type of roots air blower has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture. It is widely used in aquaculture oxygenation, sewage treatment aeration, cement conveying, and is more suitable for gas conveying and pressurization systems in low pressure situations. It can also be used as a vacuum pump, etc.

Technical parameters of Yinchi  roots air blower 

Company Introduction 

We Shandong Yinchi Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is more than a blower manufacturer, but an experienced and skillful  roots blower solution provider. The YCSR series three-lobes  roots blowers  have served  different industries aquaculture, fish farms, shrimp pond, chemical, electric power, steel, cement, environmental protection, etc. around the world. We provide  solutions to products, technical support, project design, and overall construction. And has established a good reputation in the field of pneumatic conveying.

Your problems of feed back will be updated and solved, and our quality keeps improving. Customer satisfaction is our biggest motivation to move forward.

 Roots air  blower is our five-star product, and has gained many positive feedbacks from our customers.  Await your corporation. 

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