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Sewage treatment roots air blower
  • Sewage treatment roots air blowerSewage treatment roots air blower
  • Sewage treatment roots air blowerSewage treatment roots air blower
  • Sewage treatment roots air blowerSewage treatment roots air blower

Sewage treatment roots air blower

Yinchi brand sewage treatment roots air blower are widely used in sewage treatment around the world, and gained various positive feedbacks from our customers. In sewage treatment industry, roots air blower functions to provide airflow to aerate, mix and stir the sewage slude, to promoting microbial activity, accelerating the degradation of organic waste. We have our R&D team to provide you full solutions on sewage treatment. Sufficient materials in stock to ensure massive order supply and timely delivery.Advanced machining and testing equipment to ensure high product quality. We wish to provide you with roots blowers with high quality and good price, and continuously improve our services.

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Product Description

Roots air blower plays an important role in sewage treatment, mainly including:

Sludge aeration. In the biological treatment process, the Roots blower provides oxygen, promoting microbial degradation and oxidation.

Sludge mixing. In the mixing tank and sedimentation tank, vortex is generated by the airflow of the Roots air blower to evenly mix the sludge and accelerate the chemical reaction.

Sludge stirring. Sewage treatment roots air blower is used to stir sludge, maintain its uniform suspension state, and promote biodegradation.

Sewage transportation. Roots air blower can transport sewage forward to ensure smooth treatment process.

Increase dissolved oxygen concentration. By aeration, gases can escape from water, such as removing the odor of water or harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.

Pneumatic conveying. In some sewage treatment processes, it is necessary to separate the gas and sludge in the water. At this time, a Roots blower can be used to smoothly transport these impurities to the next treatment area.

The high pressure, large air volume, stable aeration and mixing functions, and effective sewage conveying capacity of Roots blower make it widely used in sewage treatment plants. The above information is for reference only. 

Technical parameter of Sewage treatment Roots Blower  

Company introduction

We Shandong Yinchi Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is more than a blower manufacturer, but an experienced and skillful  roots blower solution provider. The YCSR series three-lobes roots blowers  have served  different industries as sewage treatment, aquaculture, fish farms, shrimp pond, chemical, electric power, steel, cement, environmental protection, etc. around the world. We provide  solutions to products, technical support, project design, and overall construction. And has established a good reputation in the field of pneumatic conveying.

Your problems of feed back will be updated and solved, and our quality keeps improving. Customer satisfaction is our biggest motivation to move forward.   We are professional in the field of sewage treatment roots blower and associated facilities. Welcome to contact us for further discussion.

Packing and delivery

Certificate and Patents

We have various patents on sewage treatment roote blowers. Just to list a few.

Factory show

Customer cases onsite


After the above introductions, you must have a brief understading of our company. Our sewage trestment roots blower is absolutely an trustworth one for you. We have the advantage of high quality, competitive price, and short production lead time. We wish to creat an mutal benifit corporation with you. 

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